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Are Cyber Crimes A Federal Offense?

A cyber crime is often handled on the local or state law level. However, there is plenty of federal legislation that covers cyber crime. If convicted under those laws, you can do time in a federal prison.

For example, a federal computer crime statute was used in the case against Lori Drew, a 49-year-old woman who was found guilty by a jury for using MySpace to harass a 13-year-old girl, who later committed suicide. As of this writing, her conviction was overturned.

In another case, software designer Shawn D. Memarian, 29, from Kansas City, Missouri will spend two years a in federal prison for cyber stalking. And, a Pennsylvania news anchor was convicted of a federal cyber crime when he illegally accessed a protected computer. Larry Mendte bought a device that would log keystrokes and determined his co-anchors passwords.

If you have been arrested or accused of violating a federal law, you need to hire a federal cyber crime attorney. Whether you are accused of computer hacking, fraud, computer embezzlement, or computer solicitation of a minor, a cyber crime attorney can best advise you on your legal rights. You can contact a criminal attorney in your area, which is especially easy with, where you can learn about potential legal claims and be presented with attorneys from your area who handle cases like yours.

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WhoCanISue.comCriminalCybercrime Defense

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