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 If you have been accused of a false Cybercrime, contact a local criminal defense attorney to protect you and your rights.

Identity theft and Cybercrimes are the newest crimes to hit our culture, and with any new wave of crime, there is a portion of the public that will be charged with the crimes unfairly.

Cybercrimes include:
  • Criminal computer hacking with charges of hacking, unauthorized access or violations of the Computer Trespassing and Computer Fraud statutes.
  • Computer solicitation of a minor over the Internet - Most states have created federally funded computer cyber crime units that specialize in posing as minors on Internet chat rooms. 
  • Internet identity theft and aggravated identity theft - If you are accused of the cyber crime of Identity Theft, aggravated identity theft, trafficking access devices, stolen credit cards, or social security numbers, a Cybercrime defense attorney can help.
  • Internet violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Access Device Fraud, and Trafficking in Passwords -  An Internet cyber crime attorney with our firm is an expert in interpreting and applying the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
  • Computer fraud is the Internet age crime of obtaining property by false pretenses.
  • Unauthorized transmission of Spam - Many business and individuals operating on the Internet send commercial email that may not fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. This is the law that most frequently confuses legal advertisers with Cybercrimes.
  • Computer embezzlement - An unauthorized download of computer software is a cyber crime that may carry up to 20 years in prison.
  • Computer forgery - A teenager who uses his computer to create a fake driver's license to be able to buy a drink can be accused of a serious cyber felony. 
  • Possession of child pornography – a hard crime to convict because the pictures can be innocent and of family, not porn.
  • Cyber Stalking- Overly sensitive people in cyber space can cause you to be facing a jury in defense of your freedom. 
Who can use a Cybercrimes Defense Attorney

If you are falsely accused of a Cybercrime you have not committed, a Cybercrimes defense attorney can help with:
  • The wrong email sent at the wrong time can lead to false cyber stalking claims
  • Being caught with innocent baby pictures of family members may be convicted of a felony and required to register as a sex offender
  • Having downloaded a program or software illegally when you had no intention of doing so. People often forget, a download can happen after only one click of the mouse
  • If you are accused of identity theft. There are criminals in other countries committing identity theft, who are using innocent people as scapegoats
  • If you have accidentally broken into an unauthorized system, or if someone remotely used your system for the sole purpose of hacking
If you fit into any of these falsely accused categories, you should contact an attorney to help keep you out of fines and out of jail for something you did not commit.

Potential Recovery

Quite simply, a Cybercrimes defense lawyer can prevent you from going to jail for decades for being falsely accused of a Cybercrime like child pornography, were you can get fives years for each photo.

Cybercrime defense lawyers can also save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, violation and lost wages from say downloading illegal programs by accident.

For example, criminals in the Ukraine stole $415,000 from the county’s payroll account last week through an elaborate scheme that relied partly on hacking and partly on the cooperation of Americans used as “money mules.” While criminal charges have not yet been brought, the article interviewed two anonymous Florida women who said they were fooled into acting as mules, one of whom is now almost $9,000 overdrawn by the scam.

In addition to the financial consequences they now face, they could be criminally charged as accomplices to a crime.

In 1998, Cybercrimes defense lawyers represented Oliver Jovanovic in what was one of the most highly sensational trials of that decade.  The case was hailed as the first prosecution in the City for a sexual assault in which the parties had met over the Internet.

Although Oliver was convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the complainant, the conviction was overturned based principally upon the trial court’s erroneous exclusion of critical communications between the parties in which they discussed, among other things, what they planned to do with each other. The charges were later dismissed.

Recent News about Cybercrimes

The global recession will lead to a rise of Cybercrimes worldwide, as governments' attention to Cybercrime is deflected toward more pressing economic problems, according to 2009 Cybercrime forecasts from leading IT security firms.

The United States has bypassed China as the biggest purveyor of malware as well as sends the most spam worldwide.

Three big developments will influence the increase in Cybercrime predicted by MCRC in 2009. First, as more IT professionals get laid off, some will shift into illegal activity to make money.

Second, Cybercriminals will be a main beneficiary of President-elect Barack Obama's pledge to bring broadband Internet access to every American family. Lastly, Cybercriminals will continue to exploit the best Web 2.0 technologies, such as Trojan technologies, to maximize their illicit gains.

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